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The Jazz Playground is a fun, interactive and educational live performance program inviting kids and adults of all ages to dance, sing and swing to the sounds of jazz.


Presented by a live band, The Jazz Playground introduces the instruments and core concepts of jazz through familiar songs, sounds and rhythms. We explore history, language and diversity through an organic and participatory jazz performance featuring a rotating roster of guest teaching-artists.


Whether a single performance or a multi-show residency, each class goes on a journey to different times and places in history to explore a variety of instruments and styles.


Above all, The Jazz Playground provides a place for children of all ages to find their own creative space, develop their imagination and to collaborate through music. 

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Our Mission

As part of our goal to bring a fun, interactive and educational jazz performance program to kids of all ages, we are committed to:


  • Fostering creativity, craftsmanship, communication, collaboration and self-expression through jazz.

  • Embracing diversity through the rich cultural fabric and global reach of jazz and world music

  • Providing a platform to encourage exploration of educational facets touched by music, including nurturing an active curiosity of history, geography, anthropology and the arts.

  • Cultivating understanding of the universal language of music, how it relates to other linguistic forms and its impact on childhood development and learning.