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How to make Solfege materials at home

Solfege - Level 1

Solfege - Level 3

Solfege - Level 5

Solfege is a fun way for young people to get involved in music without the need to own or play an instrument. Using just your voice and simple syllables, you can learn the language of music and participate in the conversation, while absorbing valuable skills relevant to the pursuit of any musical instrument. 


In the first video, we show you how you can make your own materials to join in, then follow the seven successive levels. Each level introduces a new solfege syllable.  Simply follow our lead, see if you can match the sounds with your own colored cards, and sing along! We recommend that you spend at least a week practicing  before moving to the next level!


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Solfege - Level 2

Solfege - Level 4

Solfege - Level 6

Solfege - Level 7